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The BMH Photo (BMH P) series
This series consists of some 400 photographs submitted to the Bureau, many of which are instantly recognisable as iconic images of the period. Certain photographs in the BMH, such as the aerial shots of 1916 Rising action sites, are not contemporary and were taken much later by the Air Corps. The original BMH index for the photographs included basic descriptions of 'groups' of photographs from certain contributors. You can search the BMH photograph series by clicking the search icon below. The images were also digisited including the rear of the photos with relevant captions provided. For basic guidance on how to search effectively, please see some tips for effective searching.

I.R.A. prisoners on board a British Battleship in Portland Harbour, Autumn 1921.
I.R.A. prisoners on board a British Battleship in Portland Harbour, Autumn 1921.On the conversion of Portland Prison to a Borstal Institution in 1921 most of the I.R.A. Prisoners there were transferred to Dartmoor Prison. They were conveyed from Portland to a Battleship in Portland Harbour and thence to Plymouth en route to Princetown; all had been sentenced to varying terms of Penal Servitude some had been in Portland Prison for a considerable time. The photograph shows a group of I.R.A. Prisoners on one of the Admiralty Tenders docking at Plymouth, after taking the Prisoners off the Battleship in Plymouth Harbour. The transfer was effected in either August 1921 or September 1921, as I remember looking across the harbour at the Stooks of corn in the fields. Most likely it was August. The Prisoners, with one exception, are handcuffed in Pairs - the odd Man Out being handcuffed to a Warder. Apart from the Sailors, the Uniformed people are of course Prison Warders. For the journey the Prisoners had to change from the Standard Convict Uniform into their own civilian clothes, which were issued temporarily for the occasion. The then Standard Convict haircut will be apparent. The lapse of time does not permit me to recall more than two people in the group.
I.R.A. prisoners on board a British Battleship in Portland Harbour, Autumn 1921.Note: Lt Col Barry has explained to me that the two identifiable prisoners are himself figure in profile looking to right, with light coloured soft hat, white collar & dark overcoat overleft shoulder, in left centre extreme background of group & Paddy Mahon the Printer, well known Dublin figure old looking, directly facing camera, with left hand to brim of soft hat, loosish white collar, dark tie, dark clothes, mouth partly open, & back to lifeboat davit. 4.3.53
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